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German American Partnership Program
The arrival of 21 German students and two teachers from Herderschule Luneburg on Friday, the 26th
of September officially begins the 20th anniversary of our German American Partnership Program with our
sister school in Germany.

The faculty at Roseburg High has been a big factor in the success of this program since its inception in 1988.
RHS has always been wonderful about opening its classrooms to the German students and making them
feel part of the classes during their brief stay.

These are motivated, highly academic students who are excited about the opportunity to experience the
American school system, and try courses they would not normally have available to them in Germany.
They have all been well "coached" by the teachers accompanying them and are ready to participate and
to contribute what they can to their classes.

GAPP Roster 2008-2009
Including two teachers from Herderschule Luneburg, Annette Hilmer and Friedrich Boenig.

1. Abegeal Burnham (Abe)
2. Caitlin Carter
3. Jasper Erickson
4. Stephanie Hector
5. Nicholas Kintop (Nick)
6. Chase May
7. Kirk McMahan
8. Matthew Moll (Matt)
9. Jadon Morse
10. Chloe Olander
11. Brian O'Neil
12. Daniel O'Neil (Danny)
13. Stephanie Rich
14. Marcie Russell
15. Lucas Short
16. Courtney Smith
17. Rachel Svendsen
18. Kathleen Taylor (Katie)
19. Katie Wafer
20. Christopher Warren (Chris)
21. Thomas Whiteside (Tommy)

1. Saskia Korczewski
2. Alina Kasteinick
3. Tom Krüger
4. Johanna Blender
5. Marc rodemer
6. Malte Römer-Stumm
7. Maximilian Burucker
8. Yannick Gobsien
9. Felix Günther
10. Sarah Luz
11. Daniel Müller
12. Kilian Kersandt
13. Alana Wenzel
14. Laura Boss
15. Eike Dittmers
16. Sophia Hirsch
17. Nadja Taeger
18. Nele Bauss
19. Rebecca Wienecke
20. Niklas Geiger
21. Hannes Peter