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"READ" posters are back. Come by the library with your favorite book or get it off the library shelves and have your photo taken with it. Then we will make your photo into a mini poster and display it in the library windows during Literacy Week.

2008 Archive

Amber-Callahan BRITTNEY GAYLOR ChrisLyon Christian Read Poster SMALL Danielle&Jami
Erik Passow Hall Jeremy Mitch Mr Jones
Natalie Rich Rachael Asplund Shuray and Nikki Weiss-1 alexandbryce
allen copy ally kylee brook amy-rodriguez andyandnation ashleysavannah
bahr copy byron casey chloewhoohoo! crossfield copy
danchantheman davidxu eddie and ashley pepper erikaandlauren grantandnye copy
hayesandroberts copy jakemcspank justin kiney kevin worthington kim
marly and me better mattastic mr reed mr young mrs g
mrsperry copy mrssperry copy olandhayden parkhurst copy pig
redmond copy rothandgreenwalt copy roycecarlson copy rylee-lafreniere samandbrenn
shaun spicer copy stef taylisha church thomasclass copy
tomlin copy vansickle watts copy