Mrs. Gladys H. Monger,
Head Librarian

A Library Comes Alive

Cover story in Oregon Education Journal

Note the stylish library assistants who look on as Mrs. Monger works on a library display in the cover photo. A nearby Laurel Wood house is visible out the window of the old Student Center building demolished in 2004.



Chuck Church,
Head Librarian

Chuck Church and Library Assistant Darlene Long

Cover story in the Douglas ESD Bulletin

Features the newly opened library in 1987 in the ground floor of the Commons Building. The new library expanded space for classes, automated the collection, and provided an attractive new atmosphere with murals and metal sculptures. A new library security system was installed to help maintain the status of books and videos.



Mary McClintock,
Media Specialist

Newly hired English teacher from Florida assumes duties of the RHS library media specialist.



Library Mural Debuts

A World of Changes

Artist Don Hartline Paints the Library Mural

"There have been many changes in the world since William Shakespeare wrote his plays in 16th century England, and some of them are pictured in this mural. Don Harline of Hufham Signs paints the mural on the library wall at Roseburg High School. It took Hartline 30 hours to complete the mural."


Mary McClintock,
Head Librarian

Library Mural Signals Change

Cover story of Interchange, a journal of the Oregon Educational Media Association (now Oregon Association of School Libraries OASL)

The mural's prominence and message are designed to communicate the importance of the library as the information hub of the school.



Mary McClintock,
Head Librarian

Students, Teachers Learn Web Together

Story in O.P.E.N Statewide Newsletter

The article "Students, Teachers Learn Web Together" stresses collaboration between teachers and librarians in helping students find quality resources on the web using sound search strategies.



Brain Bowl Team Goes National
Advisor, Mary McClintock

RHS Brain Bowl Competes at the Panasonic Academic Challenge in Miami, Florida.

Front Left: Rachel Anderson and Emily Rader
Back Left: Matt Brown, Chris Fey, Adam Wymer, Advisor Mary McClintock