Major Library Remodel

Library Media Center Recieves a Remodel Along with Structural Enhancements for the Commons Building. Photos by Deanna Wells

All shelves, furniture, books, etc. had to be removed from the library. All carpet had to be removed and stripped to the floor due to asbestos. Meanwhile several walls of the library were opened up and reinforced to give the building better earthquake protection. The library lost one set of windows so a stronger wall could be put in place. Outside at the northeast corner of the Commons, an elevator was constructed providing more building reinforcement and providing greater access to the second and third floor classrooms.

In June, the library staff had stashed books, shelving, and furniture in English classrooms, on the old auditorium (now weight room) stage, in rented storage trailers, and every closet and bookroom on campus. In August, the library staff got the library back in order with the help of maintenance, custodians, and student volunteers and even managed to open the library when school started.



End of An Era
Library Staff Changes, First Since 1990

Mary McClintock, Deanna Wells, Pilar Keller, Kari Gordon, Circa 2004

Circa 1998

Library Assistant, Deanna Wells, departs to bigger and better things, changing the library staff for the first time since 1990.



New Addition to the Library Staff
New Library Assistant Joni Carlson


OASL Honors Mary McClintock
With Lifetime Achievement Award

Congragulated by library staff, past and present, Kari Gordon, Pilar Keller and Deanna Wells.



Film Students Present PSA's
At Final "Truth, Lies and Videotape"

Students presented their anti-drug public service announcements and wore t-shirts they designed that said "Make a Movie, Save a Life"



Film Students Bid Farewell
To Retiring Film Teacher & Librarian

They dressed “in drag” in honor of the last film seminar for the study of Tootsie. An original poem full of clever references to classic films studied was recited to McClintock.

Korey Kast, James Pennington, Keaton McNown

Rosebud’s a sled
Bruce Willis is dead
Thornhill’s on the run
Michael shot the gun
Brando was a contender
Luke would never surrender
Thanks for all the fun
All starting with the movie “Run”
Here’s looking at you kid.



Mrs. Jennifer Parkhurst Takes over as Head Librarian

Following the retirement of Mrs. McClintock, Jennifer Parkhurst takes over as head librarian. Parkhurst spent the summer doing a massive weeding job of the fiction collection getting rid of old, unread books making room for new fiction and room to display “front facing” books ala book store style.