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A Research Guide and Stylebook
For Teachers and Students

Table of Contents
The Research Process    
Pre-Search Search Post-Search
Pre-Search Strategies Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing MLA Style
Brainstorming Topics/Subtopics Notetaking Exercises Report Writing Mechanics
Webbing Diagram Parenthetical Citations
Keyword Search Plan When to Cite Sources
Idea Clusters
Compare and Contrast Ouline Works Cited Guidelines
Compare or Contrast Outline Works Cited Formats -
Search Strategy Plan
  • Works Cited Quick Reference
Report Outline
  • Works Cited Master List
Project Outline Sample Works Cited Page
Thesis and Supporting Arguments Organizer Notecard Format Parenthetical Citations in Text
Practice With Source Cards Exercise
  • King Arthur Exercise
Presentation Electronic Search Strategies Appendix
Citing Sources- Writing Scoring guide Beyond Surfing: Directories vs. Search Engines Glossary
An Eye for Information Checklist (Presentation visual Information) Online Search Tools Becoming an Information Literate School Community
A Grading Rubric for Research Assignments Becoming an Info-tective Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning
(National Standards)
Smart Searching/Search Strategies Roseburg Technology Skills-Information Retrieval Strand
Online Resources Accessible in Roseburg Schools Oregon Communication Standard benchmarks
Roseburg Library Media/Information Skills Checklists
Authentic Learning Curriculum Design Rubric
Student Research Guide Search Post-Search
The Research Process Source Cards Report Writing Mechanics
Pre-Search Notecard Format Parenthetical Citations
Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing When to Cite Sources
Works Cited Guidelines
Electronic Search Strategies Works Cited Quick Reference
Beyond Surfing: Directories vs. Search Engines
Smart Searching
Online Search Tools

Research Guide Committee
Thank you for your contributions!

Steve Bahr, Andrea Bergreen, Lee Chavez, George Graham, Mary Jane Hutchens, Juanita Kingrey, Carol McGlone, Linda Sloan, Donna Spicer, Bob Sutherland, and Jill Weber.
Mary McClintock, Chair

Last Update: 01/07/2010