400 W. Harvard Ave
Roseburg, OR 97470

Child Development Center

400 W. Harvard Avenue

7:00 to 4:15 when school is in session and on contracted teacher work days.

About the Program

The Roseburg High School Child Development Center is a state licensed facility located on the Roseburg High School campus.  Childcare is available for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years.  The Child Development Center can serve up to 29 children in the three classrooms.

Edible Messy Media
in the infant room.
A High School Student developing skills for the future working with children (below)
Toddler Room: Kendra doing an activity (below)

The Children

The Child Development Center offers an opportunity for young children to participate in a variety of educational activities designed to increase their skills and achieve success in constructive and creative processes. Each child is able to pursue individual interests and progress at his or her own rate. The children are encouraged to express their own thoughts and feelings, to share and take turns, as well as to consider the rights and feelings of others. The staff works with the children to learn problem-solving skills that will enhance their social interaction.

Mary Malepsy, center director,
teaching in the Early Childhood
Education Classroom (right


The preschool and childcare program will provide a caring and nurturing environment for all children in one-on-one and group settings. The program is planned to include a variety of activities in art, science, music, literature, and physical education. Materials are available for manipulative and dramatic play to stimulate the child’s exploration and self-expression. Through these activities children are encouraged to solve problems and develop independent thinking skills.

Peek-A-Boo! Developmentally appropriate activities in the infant room. (below)

Student Involvement

Student involvement is an integral and enriching aspect of the Child Development Program. In addition to providing an excellent adult-child ratio, which ensures considerable individual attention for each child, trained high school students demonstrate a great deal of warmth and enthusiasm in their work with children.
Michelle interacting
with the pre-schoolers.
Child Development Staff
Director/ECE Teacher
Mary Malepsy
Infant Room
Madilyn Rox
Toddler Room
Kendra Bean
Floater Caregiver
Michelle Forsloff
Preschool Room AM Mikaila Frey
Preschool Room PM/Office
Rachel Rauh

Maddy, our infant room teacher

The Staff

The quality of our program is enhanced by the academic training, experience and commitment to excellence by our staff.

  1. The Director, also the classroom teacher of the high school students who work in the center, is responsible for the administrative duties of the center.
  2. The Coordinator, in cooperation with the Director, oversees Child Development Center activities, as well as working with and evaluating the performance of staff and students. Additionally, the Coordinator is responsible for parent communication throughout the year.
  3. The Child Care Staff plan and implement the daily schedule of activities in their classrooms.
  4. The Student Teaching Assistants are students employed in the center who have completed or are concurrently enrolled in advanced Early Childhood Education courses.
  5. The Students are members of the Child Development or Planning Activities for Young Children classes at Roseburg High School.
Mikaila, our morning toddler
room teacher

Rachel, our afternoon
toddler room teacher

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