Bus Stop Rules for Parents

Students are reminded everyday how to be safe at the bus stop, on the bus, and while loading and unloading. We assume, as parents, you know the rules, too.

Here are some simple reminders:

1. Have your child at the bus stop, waiting, five minutes before the bus arrives.

It is unsafe for students to run up to an approaching bus.

2. Model appropriate language and behavior around children.
Students learn by example and are always watching. Be positive.

3. Be mindful of other people’s property.

Do not litter or damage private property. This includes cigarette butts.

4. Do not try to engage the driver while students are loading/ unloading.
The driver is watching traffic, ensuring students are at the correct stop, and watching ‘danger zones’ around the bus.

Bus Expectations Matrix

If you have a concern, question, or compliment – please contact:

Transportation Office @ 541-440-4048
Durham School Services @ 541-677-0308
Or Your School’s Principal, Melissa Locke @ 541-440-4183

Thank you for your cooperation,


Denny Austin
Roseburg Public Schools, Transportation Manager