Library Calender of Events

We have something happening in the library every month!


Campbell Soup labels and Box Tops for Education can be brought in to the library collection boxes.



Library Helper sign-ups

Those students in 3,4,5 grades who want to be a library helper Shelf Elf may

sign up during library class this week.

Sept.  Box Top for Education collection

The collection box for the Box Tops is located inside the library door. We collect them all year long. Worksheets are sent home monthly for students to attach them easily.

Sept. 22-26

Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair will be open to parents during Open House on Tuesday 4:00-8:00.

Students will shop during their library time, during the week.

Nov. 18 Bookhounds begin

Bookhounds are enthusicastic readers who read to Seeing Eye Dogs.

Each teacher chooses 1 student to read to the dogs, each month.

Nov. 20

Party for Library Helpers

Our 1st trimester Shelves Elves will have a Thank you party for doing their jobs!



Library Helper


This is our 2nd trimester sign-up for new Shelf Elves when students can sign up during library class.
Read every day.  Have your child read the directions or the recipe for dinner, the comics or the TV Guide!!!
Jan. 26 Mock Battle of the Books Assembly for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades to watch the students who have been reading for the Battle of the Books team battle it out on their knowledge of books.
Feb.9-28 Celebration of Literacy

Many fun activities for families through out our community. 

Go to their webpage: www.celebrationof literacy.net

Feb. 28 Battle of the Books (county)
See our B.O.B page on the Library webpage. Douglas county schools will compete at RHS 8:30-12:00. Our team made it to the Quarter-final rounds!
Feb. 19 Party for Library Helpers
Our 2nd trimester Shelves Elves will have a Thank you party for doing their jobs!


School Wide Reading Celebration and


All School Kick-Off Assembly (Tenitive per Title I)

multiple events, all money due Feb. 26

March 7-11  Students redeem their vouches at the Book Fair

Mar. 2-Mar. 11

Scholastic Book Fair

Buy 1 Get 1 free fair.  Open during conferences

We'll be open during library classes and redeem read-a-thon vouchers.

April 13-17 Book Mark contest
All students will make a bookmark in their class and 1 student from will be selected from each class as the winner. Winning bookmarks will be given out in the library.
May 18-22

All student books due

If a book is lost or damage, the fine will remain on the students account until graduation, as long as they are enrolled in Roseburg Public School District.
May 26-June 5

Library closed for inventory

All students must return their books by May 23.  If they are not done reading it, the books may be checked out to the homeroom teacher, with permission.

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