Winchester Elementary...Home of the Wolves!

Winchester Elementary School Sign Icon





We are...


*a place where all students

  and staff will grow and



*a diverse, caring, joyful

  community of learners.


*fostering a positive school

  culture of trust and respect.


We do...


*set high expectations for growth

  and achievement academically,

  socially, and emotionally.


*model, teach, and practice a

  growth mindset.


*engage family and community




We foster...


*positive relationships.


*life-long learning.


*grit and preseverance.


*college and career readiness.


We are 7 Habits Learners and Leaders!




Winchester Elementary School


The Winchester Elementary staff, students, and parents know that all of us share a

partnership for the education of students. 

We sign the following to emphasize that partnership.


Winchester Elementary Staff is responsible for:

Providing a safe atmosphere for learning.

Providing appropriate instruction for your child to achieve their full potential.

Communicating clear directions for homework.

Assisting your child in developing a sense of respect and responsibility.

Keeping you informed about your child’s academic and social progress.

Welcoming you to be part of our Winchester community of learners.


Families are responsible for:

Ensuring my child attends school daily and on time.

Providing a time and place for my child to do homework.

Ensuring that homework is completed, reviewed, and returned on time.

Reinforcing Winchester’s academic and behavior guidelines.

Attending parent conferences.


Students are responsible for:

Attending school regularly, ready to learn and participate.

Coming to school each day with the necessary tools for learning.

Completing class work and homework.

Showing respect for myself and others.

Taking pride in my personal appearance, while following the school dress code.