Gaining on Graduation

RHS grads return to their seats at 2023 commencement

At Roseburg Public Schools, we all work together to guide students toward graduation and successful futures while helping them discover their passions and engage in their education. Starting in PreK and kindergarten, students take a journey of discovery and learning that helps prepare them for the challenges of high school and beyond. 

An RHS grad walks back to his seat after getting his diploma during 2023 commencement

Graduation Requirements

One yearlong class is equal to one credit. Students typically earn six credits each year of high school.  

Language Arts: 4 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits – Algebra 1 and above (Geometry, Algebra 2)
Science: 3 credits (physics, chemistry, biology) Scientific inquiry & lab
Social Sciences: 3 credits
CTE, Arts, or World Language: 3 credits
PE/Health: 2 credits
Electives: 6 credits
Total: 24

Did you know?

  • With 24 credits required to graduate, Oregon has one of the highest numbers of required credits compared to other states. View state comparisons.
  • Despite the state's decision to pause Essential Skills testing in 2021, RHS students must demonstrate proficiency by successfully earning course credits and passing district-level assessments.
  • Oregon graduation standards have increased in rigor since 2010 by requiring more credits dedicated to higher levels of math and science, as well as more credits dedicated to CTE, arts and world language.
  • You can learn more about Oregon graduation requirements on this ODE webpage.
Students toss their mortarboard caps in the air at the end of 2023 commencement.

Students attending Roseburg High School can take part in a wide range of courses, clubs, college credit and AP classes, career and technical education programs, athletics and extracurricular experiences. Every student is unique, and we want every student to find their spark. 

Oregon graduation standards have increased in rigor over the past decade, both in the number of credits required and in the difficulty levels of core subjects like math and English. Oregon also requires more credits to graduate than most states in the U.S. Although the Oregon Department of Education suspended the state’s Essential Skills requirements, school districts maintain numerous methods and strategies for tracking student achievement. Students who pass their courses and earn credits do so by demonstrating proficiency. 

David Vickery

2023-24 Roseburg High School Principal

Five year chart of RHS and state graduation rates


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