ADA - Mission Statement

Code: ADA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 10/11/95; 8/13/97

Our Mission 

The mission of Douglas County School District 4, an organization committed to serving a diverse student population undergoing significant social and economic transition, is to prepare youth to confidently, responsibly and creatively contribute to a changing global society by providing all students a personalized and appropriate education supported by meaningful school-community partnerships.

Beliefs That Guide Us 

  1. Every student must know what, why and how they are to learn.
  2. Every student must know the criteria for measuring their success and personally recognize their own level of success.
  3. Every student performs best in a safe, secure, cooperative environment that fosters dignity and respect.
  4. Every student can learn and succeed at high levels but does so in different ways and at different rates.
  5. Every student has talent that is developed through good teaching and a positive climate.
  6. Every person in the community has a role in the educational process.
  7. A fundamental responsibility of the educational process is to strive for excellence, while responding to a changing world.

Strategic Objectives We Strive for

  1. One hundred percent of our students will graduate.
  2. All students will perform at their maximum achievement level in every element of a comprehensive curriculum.
  3. Within six months after leaving Roseburg schools, 100 percent of our students will be pursuing college or professional technical degrees, apprenticeships or be gainfully employed.
  4. One hundred percent of our parents will be involved in their child’s education.

Legal Reference(s)

OAR 581-022-1020