BBBA - Board Member Qualifications

Code: BBBA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 10/11/95, 8/13/97, 6/8/22
Original Code: BBBA

A person is eligible to serve as a Board member if they is an elector of the district. An “elector” means an individual qualified to vote under Section 2, Article II of the Oregon Constitution. The individual must be 18 years of age or older, registered to vote at least 20 calendar days immediately preceding any election in the manner provided by law and must have been a resident within the district for one year immediately preceding the election or appointment. Additionally, if the district is zoned, the individual must meet the requirements of Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 332.124 to -332.126.

No person who is an employee of the district is eligible to serve as a Board member while so employed.

A person who is an employee of a public charter school may not serve as a member of the Board of the district in which the public charter school that employs the person is located.


Legal Reference(s)

ORS 247.002
ORS 247.035
ORS 249.013
ORS 332.016
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ORS 332.030
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ORS 332.126

Oregon Constitution, Article II, Section 2.
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