BCD - Board-Superintendent Relationship

Code: BCD
Adopted: 10/11/95
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
The superintendent shall be the chief executive officer and shall be responsible for the professional leadership necessary to translate the will of the Board into administrative action.
The superintendent shall be responsible for all aspects of district operation and for such duties and powers pertaining thereto as directed or delegated by the Board, and to develop such procedures and regulations as he/she considers necessary to ensure efficient operation of the schools.
The Board assumes that the superintendent is professionally able and possesses outstanding qualities of leadership, vision and administrative skill and that the superintendent will implement all Board policies in good faith.
The superintendent can assume the Board will respect the superintendent’s professional competence and extend to him/her full responsibility for implementation of Board policy decisions.
The Board holds the superintendent responsible for carrying out its policies within established guidelines and for keeping the Board informed about district operation.

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