BCF - Advisory Committees to the Board

Code: BCF
Adopted: 1/12/83
Re-adopted: 10/11/95, 8/13/97, 6/8/22
Original Codes: BCF
The Board recognizes the need and value of advisory committees. The Board recognizes that while some advisory committees are mandated as conditions for funding or accreditation, others may be established by district policy.
From time to time the Board will appoint standing and/or ad hoc citizens’ advisory committees to recommend long range goals, policies or priorities and to assess needs. Ad hoc advisory committees may be appointed to serve in such areas as may be deemed necessary and for such time as is needed to accomplish the purpose for which the respective committee is organized.
All meetings of advisory committees shall follow the Public Meetings Law. The press may attend and report proceedings. Visitors shall sit apart from the committee members and shall speak only when invited to do so by the committee chair.
The Board further recognizes that it possesses certain legal powers and prerogatives which cannot be delegated or surrendered to others. Therefore, advisory committees are recommending bodies without authority to act upon or implement their recommendations.
The Board reserves the right to dissolve any of its advisory committees and reserves the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.

Appointments and Composition

  1.  All appointments to an advisory committee shall be made by the Board. The Board may ask the administration for recommendations. Appointments of staff members shall be by the Board upon recommendation of the superintendent.
  2.  If the advisory committee is required by state or federal law or by other governmental regulations, its composition shall meet all guidelines established for that particular committee.
  3.  The composition of advisory committees shall be broadly representative and shall take into consideration the general and specific tasks assigned to the committee.
  4.  A list of interested and well-informed citizens shall be maintained for reference by the Board for use in naming citizens to standing or ad hoc advisory committees.
  5.  The names of all interested persons shall be secured from the community by direct application of citizens to the superintendent and other such sources as determined by the Board.

Term of Service

In the case of continuing committees term of service shall be as determined by the Board.

Staff Assignments

At least one staff member shall be appointed by the superintendent as an ex-officio member of each committee and as a liaison person between the district and the committee of its functions and purpose; to coordinate its meetings; and file the required and desired reports. In most instances, the staff member will be the instructor in the program or curricular area with which the committee is concerned.
The ex-officio member shall, at the beginning of each school year, provide each member of the advisory committee with information relative to:
  1.  The length of time each member is being asked to serve;
  2.  Board governing advisory committees;
  3.  The goals and purposes of the committee;
  4.  District resources available for use by the committee;
  5.  Public Meetings Law.

Board Membership and Liaison

The Board may appoint one or more of its members to serve on advisory committees. The Board may also appoint one or more of its members to meet and work with advisory committees in an ex-officio advisory capacity and as a liaison to the Board.


  1.  Advisory committees are advisory in nature and do not have the authority to directly implement recommendations. Committee recommendations or reports may be submitted to the administration and/or Board at any time. Recommendations are to be in written form.
  2.  Each committee will organize annually by selecting a chair, vice chair and secretary.
  3.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the committee secretary, with copies being distributed to each member of the committee, the Board and the superintendent 
  4.  An annual report of each committee’s yearly activities, including recommendations, shall be submitted to the Board in written form, at the end of each school year.

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