BDB - Special and Emergency Board Meetings

Code: BDB
Adopted: 2/13/91
Re-adopted: 10/11/95, 8/13/97
Original Code: 2630
Special meetings may be convened by order of the chair, upon request of three Board members or by common consent of the Board members. The district clerk will post notice at least 24 hours before such a meeting is to be convened.
Local news media will receive written notice of special meetings at least 24 hours in advance.
The Board may schedule special meetings for such reasons as deemed necessary, including for the purpose of conducting work sessions to provide its members with opportunities for planning and thoughtful discussion. Topics for discussion and study will be announced publicly. Work sessions will be conducted in accordance with the state law on public meetings.
Special meetings may also include public hearings. The Board will hold public hearings as required by law and will follow the appropriate procedures.
The Board will establish procedures for other hearings as may be required by the Board to ascertain the ideas and opinions of the community on items of interest or to facilitate the orderly resolution of questions or concerns of the Board or community.
Emergency meetings may be called only in the event of an actual emergency. Appropriate notice will be given to the public and the press. The minutes of the meeting will describe the nature of the emergency. No business other than that related to the emergency will be discussed at these meetings.

Legal Reference(s)

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