BFC - Adoption and Revision of Policies

Code: BFC
Adopted: 2/10/82
Re-adopted: 10/11/95, 8/13/97, 5/12/10, 9/14/2016, 6/8/22
Original Code: BFC

Board policies will be subject to alteration, addition or deletion upon majority vote of the Board at any regular or special meeting in which all Board members have been notified in writing of the proposed alteration, addition or deletion at least 24 hours in advance. In most cases, a first reading of the policy will be scheduled on a regular meeting agenda prior to its adoption at a subsequent regular or special meeting.

A proposed change in policy will not be made at the meeting in which the change is proposed unless by majority vote of the Board.

The formal adoption of policies will be recorded in the Board minutes. Only those written statements so adopted and so recorded will be regarded as official Board policy.

When additions, deletions or amendments are made to Board policy, the addition, deletion or amendment will carry the adoption date and the corrected copy will be published at the earliest opportunity.

The operation of any individual policy, section or sections of policies not established by law or specifically listed in the current collective bargaining agreement may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of the Board at a regular or special meeting.

The policy manual will be reviewed to keep it current.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS 332.107
ORS 332.505
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