BFD - Board Policy Implementation

Code: BFD
Adopted: 10/11/95
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 5/12/10

Effective Date of Policies

All new or amended policies will become effective at the time of final Board action.

Policy Implementation

The superintendent and administrative staff will implement Board policies. The superintendent may formulate administrative regulations and procedures to assist policy implementation.
It will be the Board’s duty to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and the effectiveness of the administration’s implementation of the policy.

Policy Dissemination

The written policies that govern the district will be maintained in a policy manual to be updated by district staff as new policies are developed or existing policies are revised or repealed.
The policy manual shall be published on the school district web site. Each employee will be specifically notified of the existence and availability of personnel policies. The Board’s policy manual will be considered a public record and will be open for inspection either on the school district web site or at the superintendent’s office.
The superintendent will provide channels for disseminating appropriate policies to the community.

Legal Reference(s)

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Cross Reference(s)

BFF - Suspension of Policies