CBA - Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

Code: CBA
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 10/10/12, 10/9/13
Position: Superintendent of Schools

  1. A current Oregon administrative license with an authorization for all levels, a superintendent’s endorsement or a transitional superintendent license;
  2. Successful experience as an educational leader and administrator;
  3. In lieu of experience and training requirements above, the Board may consider as a candidate for its superintendent’s position an individual who meets transitional or exceptional administrator licensure requirements. The Board may, jointly with the individual, submit an application for such license for Teacher Standards and Practices Commission approval pursuant to OAR 584-080-0151 and 584-080-0161;
  4. Other qualifications as determined by the Board.

Reports To: Board of Directors

Supervises: Central office administrators and school principals; and through them, all district personnel

Job Goal: Provide effective administration of all schools and departments, and educational leadership throughout the school system and community.

Performance Responsibilities:

The superintendent:
  1. Serves as chief executive officer of the Board except as otherwise provided by law, and the head of the District’s administrative team, and shall be responsible to the School Board for the proper administration, determined by the Board, of all affairs placed in his/her hands;
  2. Make rules not in conflict with law or with Board policies and decides all matters of administrative and supervisory detail in connection with the operation and maintenance of the schools;
  3. Initiates and directs the development of policies for approval by the Board, delegating such responsibility to associates and subordinates as deemed desirable;
  4. Maintain a comprehensive understanding of educational philosophy, data, and emerging trends in order to ensure academic success for students;
  5. Supervise and manage all educational and business affairs of the District, and is responsible to assure that all Board policies and directives, as well as State and Federal laws concerning schools and school children are enforced;
  6. Responsible for general supervision of all administrators and employees of the District, and is the Clerk for the District, controlling the purchase, storage and distribution of supplies, materials and contractual services required by the District;
  7. Attend all meetings of the Board except those concerned with his/her own contract status, evaluation or as otherwise directed by the Board and takes part in the deliberations, but does not vote;
  8. Assist the Board in reaching sound judgments, establishing policies and approving those matters which the law requires the Board to approve, places before the Board necessary and helpful facts, comparisons, investigations, information and reports and makes available the personal advice on special or technical matters by those persons who are qualified to furnish it;
  9. Implement and interprets Board policies.
Labor Relations and Personnel:

The Superintendent is responsible for providing direct supervision of the District’s administrative staff, ensuring appropriate communication occurs between the administration and the Board, and seeking administration performance related feedback from the Board. In addition the Superintendent:

  1. Must possess the ability to supervise staff within a union environment;
  2. Must have a working knowledge of all federal and state labor and employment laws and exhibit a strong history of effective management.

The district’s policies give the Superintendent responsibility for directing and organizing the staff to carry out the business of the District within budgetary limits. The Superintendent must inform the Board about anticipated personnel actions and changes, as well as:

  1. Recommend the appointment, renewal, contract extension, contract non-renewal, contract non-extension or discharge of employees of the Board as provided by law, Board policies and employee’s collective bargaining agreement, as applicable, and with such recommendations reported to the Board for approval;
  2. Assigns or transfers licensed employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable;
  3. Appoints, assigns, transfers, promotes, demotes or discharges classified and non-represented employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable;
  4. Direct the professional supervisory staff in visits to the schools under his/her charge; through this staff, directs, assigns and assists teachers and all other educational employees in the performance of their duties; classifies, assigns and controls the promotion of students; and performs other duties as the Board determines.
  1. The Superintendent is the District Budget Officer, coordinating the budget process to assure the District meets all legal requirements and reflects Board priorities. In addition, the Superintendent:
  2. Seeks Board input that identifies Board budget priorities and parameters prior to budget development;
  3. Demonstrates the ability to develop financial plans that are based on sustainable service and funding levels that will ensure ongoing expenses are supported by ongoing revenues, allowing the Board to anticipate and respond to changes in the District finances;
  4. Manages the District’s finances within approved budget levels and make sure budget materials are easy to understand by the Board and staff while readily available to the public;
  5. Directs the preparation of the budget showing the estimated receipts and disbursements necessary to cover the needs of the district for the ensuing fiscal year and submits this estimate to the Board in accordance with law;
  6. Approves and directs, in accordance with law and Board policy, purchases and expenditures, within the limits of the budget.
Community Relations:
  1. The Board places a high priority on patron and community relations. The Superintendent will be looked upon to provide professional interactions with a variety of District stakeholders such as parents and students, staff and the District’s community partners. The Superintendent is expected to:
  2. Exercise the highest degree of tact, patience and professional courtesy in contacts with District stakeholders in order to maintain the highest sense of public service;
  3. Set the example for other employees to ensure the District organization is open and available to the patrons and the public and that citizens are listened to and helped to understand District policies, goals and objectives;
  4. Be a coalition builder who works with the community to develop partnerships;
  5. Be receptive to receiving input from patrons and citizens and be committed to following through on solutions;
  6. Get involved and become a visible presence in the community, developing personal credibility and trust with patrons and citizens;
  7. Get to know citizens and civic groups to support and enhance participation in school related activities;
  8. Exercise leadership in directing studies of sites and buildings, considering the population trend and the educational and cultural needs of the district, to ensure timely decisions by the Board and electorate regarding construction and renovation projects;
  9. Keep the Board and public informed about current educational practices, educational trends and issues confronting the district.
Board Relations:

The Board expects to have an open and transparent relationship with the Superintendent that ensures the ability to form positive working relationships. The Board directs the Superintendent to:

  1. Implement its decisions in a way that reflects the intent of those decisions;
  2. Respond to Board goals, priorities and directives in a supportive and timely manner;
  3. Be responsible for communicating Board priorities, directives, and decisions without reservation;
  4. Be able to make tough decisions with sensitivity to political realities;
  5. Ensure that an adequate range of clear options and recommendations are created for Board consideration for decision making;
  6. Keep the Board informed on critical issues in a timely manner and provide timely and effective support to Board goals and objectives. 

The Superintendent must be versed in the various educational services provided by the District as well as its business operations. In order to assure clear communication and understanding between the Superintendent and the Board, the Superintendent must:

  1. Exhibit and encourage open and transparent communications between the staff and administration;
  2.  Direct the work of the professional staff in evaluating curriculum and instructional materials and, upon the basis of such study, makes recommendations to the Board;
  3. Supervise the establishment or modification of attendance and transportation area boundaries subject to Board approval.
 Interagency Relations:

The Board recognizes the benefits of having a Superintendent who can successfully interact and partner with other governmental and civic organizations who are serving the same patrons and citizens. The Board expects the Superintendent to:

  1. Establish intergovernmental relationships which advance the District’s mission and include the Board when appropriate;
  2. Represent the district in dealings with other school systems, social institutions, business firms, government agencies and the general public.

The Board expects of the Superintendent that he/she will be forward looking and willing to assist the Board with development and formulating a long-term vision for Roseburg Public Schools. By participating in this process, the Superintendent will be able to intimately understand and look for opportunities to reach the Board’s goals and vision.

The specific enumeration of the superintendent’s duties as detailed above will not act to limit the broad authority and responsibility of the office.

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