CBB - Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent

Code: CBB
Adopted: 8/13/97

The Board considers foremost among its responsibilities the selection and appointment of a superintendent who can effectively translate into action the Board’s policies and the community’s aspirations for its schools.

To provide the most capable leadership available for the district, the Board may engage in a nationwide search for applicants for the position of superintendent whenever a vacancy in that position occurs.

The Board may seek the advice and counsel of interested individuals or of an advisory committee or it may hire consultants to assist in screening candidates and to encourage the filing of applications by professional educators who meet the qualifications.  Final selection, however, will rest with the Board after a thorough consideration of qualified applicants.

The Board will appoint the superintendent by a majority vote of the Board members at a meeting for which notice has been given of the intended action.

At the time of his/her appointment, the superintendent will be issued an initial contract with the length of the contract, salary and benefits as mutually negotiated and determined.  The Board will thereafter fix the superintendent’s salary and benefits annually, unless provided otherwise in the superintendent’s contract.


Legal Reference(s)

ORS 192.660 (1)(a)(D)

Cross Reference(s)

BCH - Consultants to the Board