CBC - Superintendent's Contract

Code: CBC
Adopted: 7/13/22

The superintendent, upon appointment by the Board, will receive a written contract which will state the terms of employment such as compensation, benefits and other conditions. Contracts shall not be issued for more than three years in duration. The contract shall automatically expire at the end of its term. The Board may elect to issue a subsequent contract at any time for up to three years.

The compensation and benefits for the position of superintendent will be fixed by the Board and based upon the responsibilities required of the superintendent in performing his/her duties. The Board may not enter into an employment contract that contains provisions that expressly obligate the district to compensate the superintendent for work that is not performed.

Provisions for termination of the superintendent’s employment, either by the Board or the superintendent, will also be set forth in the superintendent’s employment contract.

The district may provide health benefits for a superintendent that is no longer employed by the district until the superintendent:

1. Reaches 65 years of age; or
2. Finds new employment that provides health benefits.

For a period of one year after termination of the contract, the superintendent may not:

1. Purchase property or surplus property owned by the district or public charter school; or
2. Use property owned by the district or public charter school in a manner other than the manner permitted for the general public.


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Cross Reference(s):
CBB - Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent