CBG - Evaluation of the Superintendent

Code: CBG
Adopted: 8/13/97 

The superintendent’s job performance will be evaluated formally at least once each year.  The superintendent will, in cooperation with the Board, develop a mechanism to be used in the evaluation process.  The evaluation will be based on the administrative job description, any applicable standards of performance, Board goals, Board policy and progress in attaining any job targets for the year established by the superintendent and/or the Board.

The Board’s discussion and conferences with and about the superintendent and his/her performance will be in executive session, unless the superintendent requests an open session.  Results of the evaluation will be written and placed in the superintendent’s personnel file.

Following the evaluation, the Board may act pursuant to the employment contract with the superintendent and state law and rules.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 192.660 (1)(i)
OAR 581-022-1720
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Cross Reference(s)