CPA - Layoff/Recall - Administrative Personnel

Code: CPA
Adopted: 7/13/22

When the Board determines, through the budgeting process, that a layoff of staff is necessary, it will discuss the matter at a regular or special Board meeting and will consider such factors and alternatives it deems necessary to arrive at a decision. Layoff may take place under the following conditions:

1.  The district’s lack of funds to continue its educational program at its anticipated level;
2.  Elimination or adjustment of classes due to an administrative decision;
3.  Other reasons as determined by the Board.

This policy applies to all licensed administrators below the rank of assistant superintendent.

The Board retains the right to determine when a layoff is necessary. Layoffs shall be by position. A reduction in hours does not constitute a layoff.

The factors considered in the layoff process will be license, seniority, qualifications, merit and/or competence. Competence includes recent experience, additional training and educational attainments. Merit includes the measurement of one administrator’s ability and effectiveness against the ability and effectiveness of another administrator.

The Board desires/expects administration to retain, consistent with state law, the most capable and productive of the licensed and qualified employees needed to carry out the approved programs of the district’s schools.

Prior to initial development of a recall procedure for administrators, the Board will consult with the employees or a designated representative of the employees covered by this policy.

The district will develop administrative regulations to implement this policy.


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