DBH - Budget Adoption

Code: DBH
Adopted: 7/13/22

After the public hearing on the budget and any modifications of the budget deemed necessary as a result of that hearing, the Board will approve the resolutions to adopt and appropriate the budget. The Board will further determine, make and declare the ad valorem property tax amount or the rate, to be certified to the assessor for the ensuing year or for each of the years of the ensuing budget period, and itemize and categorize the ad valorem property tax amount or rate, as provided in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 310.060.

The superintendent will ensure all necessary documentation is submitted to the county assessor’s office as required by the Local Budget Law.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS Chapter 255
ORS 294.305 to -294.565
ORS 310.060
ORS 328.542
OAR 150-310-0020