DD - Grant Funding Proposals and Applications

Code: DC
Adopted: 8/13/97, 7/13/22

The Board has as its primary mission the education of district students according to adopted goals and objectives.  To this end all legal and worthwhile financial resources will be pursued.

Grants-in-aid may become available from private entities, or from the federal or state government.  The district will pursue those grants that will assist the district in meeting the adopted goals and objectives of the current curriculum or will create facilities, purchase equipment or otherwise assist in implementing such programs as the Board has previously considered/approved.

The Board directs that each presentation regarding the pursuit of outside funding include the obligations, expectations or encumbrances which will exist when the grant or other outside funding ceases.

The Board will consider the above criteria as it acts upon requests for grants, will expect a recommendation from the superintendent and a full explanation of all aspects of the proposal before approving any application.

The Board reaffirms its veto power over all grants prior to actual acceptance of funds.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 294.305 - 294.565