DDC - Native American Education Program Grants - Title VI Indian Education

Code: DDC
Adopted: 7/13/22
The district may submit a grant application for the purpose of receiving federal funds to support Native American Education Program efforts.

The application should include a description of the comprehensive program for meeting the language and cultural needs of Indian children, that includes:

1. How the program will offer programs and activities to meet the culturally related academic needs of Indian students;
2. Is consistent with the State, tribal and local plans;
3. Includes academic content and student academic achievement goals for identified children, and benchmarks for attaining goals that are based on the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) academic standards and content and student academic achievement standards adopted under Title I for all students;
4. Explains how Federal, State and local programs, especially programs carried out under Title I, will meet the needs of Indian students;
5. Demonstrates how funds will be used for the activities described above;
6. Describes the professional development opportunities that will be provided, as needed, to ensure that:

a. Teachers and other school professionals who are new to the Indian community are prepared to work with Indian children; and
b. All teachers involved in programs are properly trained to carry out such programs; and

7. Describes how the district will:

a. Periodically assess the progress of all Indian children enrolled in district schools, including Indian children who do not participate in programs assisted;
b. Provide results of each assessment to the committee described below, to the community served by the district and to the Indian tribes whose children are served by the district; and
c. Provide communication of responses to findings of any previous assessments, similar to the assessments described above.

8. Describes the process the district used to meaningfully collaborate with Indian tribe(s) located in the community in a timely, active and ongoing manner in the development of the comprehensive program and the actions taken as a result of such collaboration.

The district programs and activities shall be developed in consultation with and the written approval of a committee consisting of parents of Indian children and teachers, and when appropriate, Indian students at the secondary level. A majority of committee members shall be parents of Indian children.


Legal Reference(s):

Every Student Succeeds Act, 20 U.S.C. §§ 7701-7714; 7421-7425 (2012).