DJ - District Purchasing

Code: DJ
Adopted: 8/13/97

Re-adopted: 4/14/99, 12/14/05, 1/14/2009, 7/13/22

The function of district purchasing is to serve the educational program by providing the necessary supplies, equipment and services. Items commonly used in the various schools and their subdivisions will be standardized and be consistent with educational goals and in the interest of efficiency or economy.
The director of finance and operations is appointed by the Board to serve as purchasing agent. They will be responsible for developing and administering the district’s purchasing program.
No obligation may be incurred by any officer or employee of the Board unless that expenditure has been authorized in the budget, by Board action and/or Board policy. In all cases calling for the expenditure of district money, except payroll, a requisition and purchase order system must be used.
No purchase with the exception of a petty cash purchase will be authorized unless covered by an approved purchase order. No bills will be approved for payment unless purchases were made with an approved purchase order.
The superintendent or designee is authorized to enter into and approve payment on contracts obligating district funds not to exceed $50,000 for products, materials, supplies, capital outlay and services that are within current budget appropriations.
The Board shall approve all contracts that are collective bargaining agreements or service contracts that include the provision of labor performed by district employees, such as custodial, food service and transportation services.
The director of finance and operations will review bills due and payable for the purchase of supplies and services to determine if they are within current budget appropriations. After review, the director of finance and operations will direct payment of the just claims against the district. The superintendent and director of finance and operations are responsible for the accuracy of all bills and vouchers.
No Board member, officer, employee or agent of this district shall use or attempt to use their official position to obtain financial gain or for avoidance of financial detriment for themself, a relative or a member of their household, or for any business with which the Board member, relative or member of household is associated. Acceptance of any gratuities, financial or otherwise, from any supplier of materials or services to the district by any Board member, officer or employee of the district is prohibited.



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