DJFA - Credit Cards

Code: DJFA
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 2/8/12, 4/9/14, 7/13/22

The Board authorizes the superintendent or designee to hold a bank in the name of the district and to issue such cards to designated employees.  Approved cardholders will be held responsible for maintaining sole possession and security of issued cards at all times.  The superintendent or designee shall determine the credit card dollar authorization levels.

  1. Credit cards issued to employees may only be used to purchase items authorized by the adopted district budget or funded through ASB accounts;
  2. Card users will save and submit receipts for verification and audit purposes;
  3. Users are responsible for designating account codes and ensuring that budget requirements are met;
  4. The business office shall pay in full the credit card balance no later than the due date so that finance charges will not be incurred;
  5. Personal items shall not be charged on district-issued cards. If a personal item is inadvertently purchased on a district-issued card in violation of this policy, repayment by the employee must be made immediately. Failure to make the required payment may result in an automatic deduction from the individual’s next payroll disbursement. Accordingly, the district will require individuals issued such cards to sign a written authorization for payroll deduction in the event of such personal use;
  6. The purchase of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. The purchase of gasoline for a privately owned vehicle is also prohibited without prior authorization;
  7. Violation of the provisions of this policy may result in the revocation of the credit card and/or discipline up to and including dismissal;
  8. If, for any reason, disallowed charges are not repaid, the district will have a prior lien against, and a right to, withhold any or all funds payable, or to be payable to the employee up to the amount of the disallowed charges and interest at the same rate as charged to the district;
  9. Each card user will sign an acceptable use policy at the time a card is issued.



Legal Reference(s)

ORS 652.610 (3)

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Cross Reference(s)

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