EBBA - First Aid

Code: EBBA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97; 7/13/22
Original Code: EBBA

For the purpose of this policy, first aid and emergency care is defined as “the immediate and temporary care given a student of this district who is the victim of an accident or sudden illness until the services of a physician can be obtained.”

In such cases, the district has the responsibility for:

  1.  Giving immediate care;
  2.  Notifying the parents;
  3.  Assisting with transportation arrangements;
  4.  Informing parents, when requested, regarding local resources.

Immediate care should be given only by members of the school personnel who are qualified to give first aid.  The building principal will delegate a member(s) of his/her staff for this purpose.  A suitable place should be designated in each school building which is acceptable for first aid.  Sufficient first-aid supplies should always be readily accessible but are intended for first aid only and not for the continuing treatment of an injury or infection.  A copy of “First Aid in Oregon Schools” is to be displayed in each first-aid cabinet.  One person in each school building should be responsible for keeping the cabinet clean, well arranged and properly supplied at all times.

Notifying Parents

Parents should be notified immediately, by telephone if possible, of their student’s sudden illness or serious accident.  Should the emergency require immediate care, there should be no delay in securing medical attention.  If the parents cannot be reached, the school should notify the family physician as well as the emergency number given on the student’s file card.


It is the belief of the district that a student’s health is primarily the responsibility of the parents and that the only responsibility of the school, other than administering first aid, is to refer a problem to the parents if they have failed to recognize that a problem exists.  In unattended cases, the county nurse who calls on the school should be notified.  However, it is recommended that extreme caution be exercised in making direct referrals to other than the school nurse or the family physician.

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