EBBAA/GBEBC/JHCCC - Infection Control - HIV, AIDS, HBV

Adopted: 8/13/97

The district shall use standard precautions at all times for infection control.  Each person is therefore treated as though an HIV, AIDS or HBV infection exists.

The district shall develop an exposure control plan that includes infection control procedures for staff and students.

Staff and students shall receive an annual in-service that includes correct procedures for cleaning up body fluid spills and for personal cleanup, immunization and personal hygiene, as well as the location and a content review of first-aid and clean-up kits.  Kits shall be available for each room in the building and in each district vehicle.

In addition to an annual in-service, staff and students on a regular basis will receive HIV, AIDS and HBV information.

The information shall emphasize infection — how infection is spread as well as how it is not spread.

The district will cooperate with the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Division, the local health department and the education service district, as appropriate, in delivering HIV, AIDS and HBV education.

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