EBBCC - Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Adopted: 6/14/06

As the district has made an automated external defibrillator (AED) available for emergencies, the following conditions must be met prior to its use:

  1. Any person using the AED must have received instruction in the use of the AED.
  2. The district must train a sufficient number of employees in the use of the AED.  Names of the designated employees will be maintained at the building where the AED is located.
  3. Any person using the AED on another person must call 9‑1‑1 or such other emergency phone  number serving the area immediately prior to using the AED and must follow all emergency procedure protocol as outlined in the training and adopted by the district.
  4. The AED, its battery and its electrodes must be maintained, inspected and serviced as recommended by the manufacturer by an individual that has been properly trained in the maintenance and use of the AED and has been designated to do so by the district.
  5. The AED must be stored in a location from which the AED can be quickly retrieved at times when the AED may be used.  The presence and location of each AED must be clearly indicated.
  6. Maintenance use and storage of the defibrillator will be in compliance with any applicable state and or federal laws.

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