EBCB - Emergency Drills

Code: EBCB
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 2/26/14, 7/15/15, 7/13/22
Original Code: EBCB

Each building administrator will conduct emergency drills in accordance with the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS).

All schools are required to instruct and drill students on emergency procedures so that students can respond to an emergency without confusion and panic. The emergency procedures shall include drills and instruction on fires, earthquakes, which shall include tsunami procedures in a tsunami hazard zone and safety threats. Instruction on fires, earthquakes, safety threats and drills for students shall be conducted for at least 30 minutes each school month.

Fire Emergencies

The district will conduct monthly fire drills.  At least one fire drill will be held within the first 10 days of the school year.  Drills and instruction on fire emergencies shall include routes and methods of exiting the school building.

Earthquake Emergencies

At least two drills on earthquakes shall be conducted each year.

Drills and instruction for earthquake emergencies shall include the earthquake emergency response procedure of "drop, cover and hold on" during the earthquake. When based on the evaluation of specific engineering and structural issues related to a building, the district may include additional response procedures for earthquake emergencies.

Safety Threats

At least two drills on safety threats shall be conducted each year.

Drills and instruction on safety threats shall include procedures related to lock-down, lock-out, shelter in place and evacuation and other procedures appropriate actions to take when there is a threat to safety.

The Board may use ORS 192.660(2)(k) to conduct an executive session to consider matters related to school safety or a plan that responds to safety threats made toward a school in the district.

Local units of government and state agencies associated with emergency procedures training and planning shall review the emergency procedures and assist the district with the instruction and the conducting of drills for students in these emergency procedures.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 192.660 (2)(k)
Oregon State Fire Marshall, Oregon Fire Code (2014).