EBCD-AR - Emergency School Closure Procedures - Administrative Staff

Adopted: 11/17/95
Re-adopted: 11/26/07; 10/19/09
Original Code: Closure Procedures
  1. When weather conditions cause reason to suspect that highway travel may be unsafe, the “School Closure/Highway Restrictions Procedure” shall apply.
  1. Whenever it is determined that weather or other conditions may affect normal operation, telephone calls beginning at approximately 5:00 a.m. will be made according to the following schedule:
  1. The trigger to set the emergency procedure into operation will be either the superintendent or the assistant superintendent.  Notification of any emergency which could possibly lead to school closure should be directed to either of them;
  1. Possible school closure caused by transportation difficulties will be determined by bus company officials and the superintendent.
  1. When weather conditions warrant, the superintendent will make one of four (4) decisions related to school operation:
  1. Operate all schools on normal schedule
  2. Impose a two-hour delay.
  3. Exercise complete closure of all schools for the day.
  4. Close any particular school(s) based on individual circumstances.

(In the event of a two-hour delay morning kindergarten classes and breakfast for all students will be cancelled. Afternoon kindergarten classes will be conducted as usual. Teacher reporting time shall also be delayed two hours.)

  1. Administrators will be informed of school closure, delayed opening of school or may be directed to report to their places of work for the purpose of assessing the problems related to school operation and report such problems to the superintendent.

Each principal is to arrive at his/her office unless they are unable, in which case they will have another person designated to arrive to answer telephone calls no later than 6:30 AM for secondary schools and 7:30 AM for elementary schools on days of emergency school closure, delay, or potential emergency school closure.

  1. Communication with members of the administrative staff concerning emergency closure will be through the Computer Assisted Automated Messaging Program (AllCall).

When the decision is made, the school staff, news media and parent community will be informed via the Computer Assisted Automated Messaging Program (AllCall). No additional information is to be given out to the news media until such time that the conditions of the school have been ascertained and a decision made by the superintendent. Please impress this on your secretaries, custodian, and any other staff members that might be involved in questions asked by the news media or parents.

  1. School district policy GBCD “Emergency School Closure” reads:

“In the event school is closed due to weather or related emergencies, the entire teaching staff and all other employees except 12-month employees will be excused from work and the missed day(s) will be made up in accordance with the school district-adopted calendar.  In the event the number of closure days exceed the number of makeup days on the calendar, the school board will consider and take action relative to the excess days.  Such action may include extending the school year.”

  1. All twelve-month employees shall work during emergency school closure and on any resulting makeup days.
  2. Days marked “x” on the school calendar shall be working days for twelve-month employees only, except when specifically excluded by the superintendent.
  3. Twelve-month employees unable to work on an emergency school closure day can either utilize accrued vacation time or receive a “dock” in pay for time missed.
  1. If your school is operable and a delay is indicated, students who arrive early are not to be sent home or made to stand outside the building.  The probability does exist that many may be arriving early.
  1. It is advisable for you to review this procedure with your staff and students as soon as possible so that everyone is familiar with the various options.  Principals have the responsibility to make sure that their staff members are aware of the above procedures.
  1. If, for any reason, school is delayed, time will not be made up at the end of the school day.

  1. Should an emergency school closure fall on a school district payday, all paychecks will be available at the payroll office. This only pertains to those who do not use automatic, electronic deposit paychecks. Checks may be picked up by the employee between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. All unclaimed paychecks will be held at the payroll office until the schools reopen at which time they may be picked up by the principals and supervisors for distribution.

  1. A copy of this emergency school closure procedure is to be in each administrator's home.