ECAA - Access to Buildings

Code: ECAA
Adopted: 8/13/97

Key control is one of the most important phases of any security program.  Without, locks provide little deterrent to illegal or unauthorized entry into district facilities.

The district shall implement a high profile key control plan.  This plan will be addressed from a centralized location and be kept via a computer format.  The key control plan will provide administrative regulations for tracking keys from issuance to return and will be integrated with the personnel and payroll departments.  Responsibility for each key will be with the issued holder of the key.  Each building principal will be responsible for coordinating the key requests and on-site management plan.

Key control system objectives:

  1.  Limit the number of keys outstanding;
  2.  Maintain a record of the location of every lock;
  3.  Maintain a record of all lock numbers;
  4.  Maintain a record of all keys that have been issued;
  5.  Maintain a record of all keys held by any one individual;
  6.  Maintain a properly secured storage for key records and spare keys;
  7.  Plan, create and maintain a district pin tumbler master key system;
  8.  Plan the keying according to (zone keys) building function not to individuals;
  9.  Plan for system expansion by reserving information for this purpose.

The superintendent will develop administrative regulations as necessary.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 164.205 - 164.270