ECAA-AR - Access to Buildings

Adopted: 8/13/97 

Key Signature Forms

Individual key signature forms are to be signed in ink by all individuals receiving keys which allow access to areas throughout the district.

In the agreement space of the signature form will be the following:

“This is to certify that I have received the keys listed below.  The keys issued are the property of the Roseburg School District.  I understand that I am responsible for their safekeeping; that I am to inform my supervisor immediately if the keys are lost, stolen or damaged, and that I will not reproduce these keys or allow them to be used by unauthorized persons”.

The “Individual Signature Form” is to be a continuing record of key possession until the individual leaves the service of the Roseburg School District, at which time upon receipt of a properly prepared form and any keys which are in the individuals possession, a key receipt form will be returned to the individual.

Supervisors shall return individual signature forms, after they have been signed, to the maintenance department for recordkeeping purposes.

Changes in Key Assignment

Changes may become necessary in assignment of district keys.  When any changes in personnel occur requiring changes in the present assignment of keys or issuing of new keys, properly approved forms shall be prepared and forwarded to the maintenance department as a work order request.

Issuing or Changing Keys

Changes may become necessary in the assignment of keys due to personnel changes such as: promotions, lateral moves, new employees, resignations, retirements, dismissals or need of additional keys.

The principal or building manager will be responsible for:

  1.  The final approval for all key request work orders;
  2.  Managing their facility’s key zone map and program;
  3.  Securing keys from employees in cases of dismissal or death.

Lost Keys

To record when a key is lost, the employee responsible shall promptly furnish a “Lost Key Report Form” to their supervisor, explaining the circumstances of the loss.  Upon receipt of the “Lost Key Report Form” the immediate supervisor shall review the form with the employee.  The initialed form and any additional information about the loss should then be sent to the maintenance department for processing.

A decision will be reached in all cases of loss within a two (2) week period from the date of report of loss as to whether a change in combination will be required to protect security or if combinations in effect at time of loss are to remain unchanged.  The maintenance department will make the proper inquiry to obtain this determination.

Temporary Keys

To accommodate substitute teachers at all sites, a custodian or building staff member will unlock all classrooms, etc. in the morning.  The principal will establish procedures as may be necessary to ensure classrooms are unlocked as needed.

All community groups using district facilities must provide for a staff member to unlock and/or secure the buildings and grounds.  Exceptions may be granted, via principal request.  All such requests shall be accompanied by a copy of the building use rental agreement form.

The custodial supervisor will issue temporary keys to sub-custodians only if no regular site personnel are working.


Central records on all lock installations and key distribution shall be maintained by the maintenance department.  Each department supervisor may also maintain key assignment files for their area.