EE/EEA - Student Transportation Services

Code: EE/EEA
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 12/11/02
School transportation services will be provided for students living beyond specified limits of their respective schools or with Oregon Department of Education (ODE) approved supplementary plans.  Stops will be established within their individual school boundaries. Students living outside of school boundaries may ride on a space available basis providing they are catching the bus at an existing stop for the school they are choosing to attend.  Only those students and persons authorized by the district may ride district buses.  Authorization for non-students to ride district transportation must be determined by the superintendent or his/her designee.  Generally, such authorization is reserved for those adults assisting in the supervision of field trips, athletic trips or volunteering in the schools.

The district may provide transportation for curricular and extracurricular activities sponsored by the schools within the limitations of available resources with prior administrative approval.  The district will comply with all state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to school bus transportation.

Exceptions: The district reserves the right to make payment in lieu of bus transportation in areas where the cost of a bus for a few students would be exorbitant.

Under the compulsory school attendance laws, students attending any private or parochial school that are along or near a regular school bus route, shall be provided equally the bus services given to public school students on a space available basis.  The district is not required to reroute buses in these cases.

School buses carrying students will be considered extensions of the district program and all students using school transportation will abide by the Code of Conduct posted in each bus and any other applicable district rules.  Violations of such code, as well as other conduct which is improper or which jeopardizes the safety of other students, will be reported by the bus driver to the school principal or his/her designee.  Violators may be denied use of school bus transportation for such period of time as defined by bus suspension and expulsion procedures in regulation EEACC-AR.

The school bus driver will be responsible for student safety and behavior during all transportation times.  The driver will conduct himself/herself in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules.

Principals must familiarize themselves with the transportation program and instruct both students and parents as to the schedules, routes, rules and regulations.

Principals must construct duty schedules which will insure proper supervision of school bus loading areas both before and after school.

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