EEAB - School Bus Scheduling and Routing

Code: EEAB
Adopted: 1/13/93
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 12/11/02, 7/13/22
Original Code: EEAB

The establishment of bus routes is based on criteria as set forth by Oregon law, school boundaries and School Board policy EE/EEA - Student Transportation Services.

Stops will be established by the district, considering but not limited to the following; student residences, school boundaries, walking distance to stop and school, safety and location. Any request to extend a bus route that results in additional cost must be authorized by the Director of Business Operations. The Board reserves final jurisdiction of this matter.

In the designation and selection of routes, the district is limited to roads, streets and highways that are maintained by the city of Roseburg, county of Douglas, state of Oregon or any other incorporated city which may become a part of the district. The district is also limited by steep grades, gated communities, gravel roads, streets and highways which are determined to be unsafe for school buses.

In the determination of “miles from school”, the district will consider the distance a student lives from school measured from the closest, reasonable and prudent point between school property identified by the Board for the student’s attendance and the property where the student lives. The distance will be measured over the shortest practicable route on maintained public roadways or over existing pedestrian facilities as provided by law.

In the establishment of bus routes and bus stops, special consideration will be given to walking distances so as to limit the distance the student must travel on a public roadway (up to 1/4 mile) from his/her residence to the school bus pick-up point. Permanent bus stops will be created to establish regular routes from year to year and provide clear directions for families with regard to the closest, most appropriate stop. Exceptions will be considered in rural routes where safety is a primary concern.

A supplemental plan adopted by the Board will identify groups or categories of students who live within the walking limitation for elementary students and secondary students who require transportation based on health or safety reasons, including special education.


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Cross Reference(s)

EEA - Student Transportation Services