EEAC - School Bus Safety Program

Code: EEAC
Adopted: 1/13/93
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Codes: 7251, 7252

The contracting agency will ensure instruction for students in school bus safety and emergency evacuation procedures is provided.  Drivers shall assist in the instruction.  The following types of instruction will be given:

  1.  Emergency evacuation through available emergency exits;
  2.  Sale operation of windows;
  3.  Awareness and knowledge of posted bus safety rules and regulations;
  4.  Location and proper use of fire extinguishers.

Students who regularly ride a bus will be provided such instruction within the first six weeks of each half of the school year.  Students who ride occasionally will be given instruction at least once in the first half of each school year.  The district will document and maintain records of the content and dates of instruction.

Buses will not exceed vehicle design capacity for seating at any time unless an unforeseen or unusual circumstance arises.  Passengers will be provided a seat that fully supports them.

The discontinuance of transportation services because of bad weather or other conditions which may jeopardize the safety of students while being transported to and from school or on extracurricular activities will be determined by the contracting transportation officials and the superintendent.  When it is determined that student safety may be affected and that the buses will not run, emergency procedures will be followed as set forth by the superintendent which involves the contacting of the news media and the use of a telephone chain to inform the administrative staff throughout the district.

In the case of emergency or disaster, evacuation of students will be carried out according to the district’s emergency plan.

An accident review board will convene to study injury accidents involving district buses within 24 hours, or as soon as practicable, and all other accidents involving district buses at least quarterly and will make recommendations to avoid similar accidents.  The accident review board will be comprised of the superintendent or designee, the transportation supervisor, a law enforcement official and a parent.  The parent will be selected by the superintendent or designee from among parents residing within the school attendance boundaries served by the bus involved in the accident.

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