EEBB - Use of Private Vehicles for District Business

Code: EEBB
Adopted: 7/13/22

The Board discourages the use of private vehicles for district business, including the transportation of students. Staff will use district-owned vehicles whenever possible and should schedule activities and transportation far enough in advance to avoid any nonemergency use of private vehicles.

The superintendent will develop regulations for staff use of private vehicles that will safeguard the district, its employees and students in matters of safety, insurance and liability. The Board will review such regulations at least annually.

No staff member will use a private vehicle for district business, including the transportation of students, without approval in accordance with established district procedures. Authorization to use a private vehicle must be obtained before actual use of the vehicle. Staff members who are authorized to use a private vehicle on district business will be reimbursed in an amount established by the Board. 

At least two individuals must accompany a student being transported in a private vehicle.
A student may be allowed to perform district business with his/her own vehicle. Any student so authorized must obtain prior written approval from the designated district official.


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Cross Reference(s): 

DLC - Expense Reimbursement