EGACA-AR - Cell Phones

Adopted: 2/26/03
Re-adopted: 12/11/13; 7/13/22

District-owned cell phones may be purchased and authorized for staff use in accordance with the following:

Cell Phone Authorization

Cell phones may be assigned or made available on a temporary basis by the superintendent or designee when it is determined that:

  1. The assignment of a cell phone to the employee is a prudent use of district resources;
  1. The employee’s job responsibilities require the ability to communicate frequently;
  1. The employee’s job responsibilities involve situations where immediate communication is necessary to ensure the security of district property or safety of students, staff or others while on district property or engaged in district-sponsored activities.

Cell Phone Use

  1. Cell phones are provided specifically to carry out official district business.
  1. Personal use of district cell phones is limited to work-related emergencies, such as making or receiving calls for family emergency purposes.
  1. District cell phones shall not be loaned to others.
  1. Employees issued a cell phone are responsible for its safekeeping at all times.  Defective, lost or stolen cell phones are to be reported immediately to the purchasing supervisor who will in turn notify the service provider.
  1. Cell phones issued for employee use are to be returned to the purchasing supervisor at the conclusion of the school year, temporary activity or as otherwise specified.

Privately-Owned Cell Phones

Personal use of privately-owned cell phones by employees authorized to use such equipment for district business is restricted to such times when the employee is not on duty.