EIA - Insurance Programs

Code: EIA
Adopted: 3/12/86
Re-adopted: 8/13/97; 7/13/22
Original Code: EIA

Insurance may be written by any fully insured, partially insured or self-insured pool that is able to demonstrate satisfactory financial stability as determined by Oregon law.

Blanket building and equipment insurance will cover replacement costs with an agreed amount endorsement and with a deductible determined by the business manager to provide the lowest possible premium costs consistent with adequate protection from unanticipated expenditures.

General and personal liability insurance will cover district Board members and employees only while acting in their official capacity.

All employees will be covered by an honesty bond. Tort liability endorsements may be carried.

Farm machinery and livestock supplemental coverage will be maintained if appropriate to the district property and programs.

The district will provide liability coverage for all district-owned or leased vehicles.

The district will establish and provide the opportunity for students to purchase student accident insurance.

The district will not carry student accident insurance other than liability insurance.

The district will not be liable for theft and damage of personal property of students that is not a requirement for attendance or participation. Additionally, the district will not be liable for theft and damage of personal property of staff.


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