FEE - School Site Acquisition

Code: FEE
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/113/97
Original Code: 8400
  1. The Board is to be informed as to school site needs by the administration.  An annual review of current and forecasted enrollments will be conducted by the superintendent.
  2. The Board shall establish a need for site acquisitions for a school building at a specific grade level, e.g., elementary, junior high or senior high, within a general geographical area.  Such needs shall take into consideration students, forecasts and reports of:
    1.  The superintendent of schools;
    2. The city planning commission;
    3. The county planning commission;
    4. Other valid studies related to population growth, including such information as may be provided through Portland State University/Population Research and Census Center, development of residential areas or improvement of streets, roads, drainage, etc., which would have an effect on growth of population in the area.
  3. The Board shall transmit the needs to the building and sites committee, who in turn will research properties in the community and the places required.
  4. The building and sites committee shall report their findings and recommendations to the Board.
  5. The Board, providing that they agree with the findings of the building and sites committee, shall authorize the director of business services to obtain a preliminary title insurance report from a reputable title insurance firm.
    1. The value of the property shall be determined by a qualified independent appraiser.  This appraiser shall be appointed by the Board.
    2. The Board shall direct the director of business services and the attorney for the district to acquire the property either by direct contact with the property owner or by contact with the realtor holding the exclusive listing on the property.
  6. The director of business services and the attorney for the district shall make the final negotiations with the owner or the realtor, these negotiations to be within the stated monetary limits authorized by the Board.

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