FFA - Memorials

Code: FFA
Adopted: 8/13/97, 7/13/22

A principal may receive items for their school as a memorial to a student or person having a special significance to the students of that school. An item received as a memorial becomes the property of the district. A principal must have the superintendent’s approval to accept any item that may require additional maintenance cost to the district. The superintendent may establish guidelines for the acceptance of such a memorial.

A room or item may be named for the person in whose honor the scholarship fund is created. A memorial plaque may be appropriately dedicated whenever a room or item is designated as a memorial in conjunction with a scholarship fund.

Memorial Scholarships

The Board will consider the acceptance of memorial scholarships in honor of a person who has a special significance to the students, the district or the community. Offers of a memorial scholarship will be submitted to the superintendent together with information concerning the purpose of the memorial and administration of the scholarship fund.


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