GAA - Personnel: Definitions

Code: GAA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 5/28/14
Original Code: 6260

Licensed employees are those holding a position that requires a license issued by the state Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

  1. A teacher is an employee who holds a teacher’s license and has direct responsibility for instruction.
  2. A contract teacher is one who has completed three consecutive years or has been recommended to contract status with at least 135 days of employment each of the three years as a teacher in the district schools.
  3. A probationary teacher is one who is employed under regular contract and who works at least 135 consecutive days in any school year as a teacher in the district and has not received contract status by Board action according to the provisions of Oregon law.
  4. A temporary teacher is any teacher employed to fill a position designated as temporary or experimental or to fill a vacancy that occurs after the opening of school because of unanticipated enrollment or the death, disability, retirement, resignation or dismissal of a contract or probationary teacher.
  5. A substitute teacher is any teacher employed to take the place of a probationary or contract teacher who is temporarily absent.  A substitute teacher is employed on a day-to-day basis, without contract, and does the work of the regularly assigned teacher during the latter’s absence from duty.  Substitutes will not be eligible for fringe benefits and will be paid at a rate established annually by the Board in accordance with the provisions of Oregon law.
  6. A student teacher is a regularly enrolled student of a college or university who teaches under the supervision of the staff of such institution and of the district in order to acquire practical experience in teaching.  The student teacher receives academic credit from such institution.
  7. An administrator is an employee who has been granted administrative authority and who spends more than one-half time in the organization, direction, supervision, control or evaluation of district employees or programs.
  8. A specialist is an employee who has an Oregon TSPC license or a letter of authorization from the Oregon Department of Education and who is employed half‑time or more.

Classified personnel are those employees in positions for which no teaching or administrative licenses are required by law.  There are two general categories of classified employees:

  1. Hourly employees, which include most classified employees.  Hourly employees are those that serve by the day or hour as established by need;
  2. Exempt employees include a few designated positions as defined by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.
Confidential employees are designated in accordance with Oregon law and provisions of the labor agreements between the district and its licensed and classified employees.  Such employees will be excluded from any bargaining unit.  Salaries and benefits for confidential employees will be established by the Board.  “Confidential employee” is defined as one who assists and acts in a confidential capacity to a person who formulates, determines and effectuates management policies in the area of collective bargaining.

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