GBCA - Staff Dress and Grooming

Code: GBCA
Adopted: 12/12/12; 7/13/22

The Board believes that staff members set an example in dress and grooming for students and standards of professionalism for the district. A staff member who understands this precept and adheres to it enlarges the importance of his/her task, presents an image of professionalism and encourages respect for authority. These factors act in a positive manner toward the maintenance of discipline. 

The district retains the authority to specify the following dress and grooming guidelines for staff that will prevent such matters from having an adverse impact on the educational process.

All staff when on duty shall:

  1.  Be physically clean, neat and well groomed;
  2.  Dress in a manner consistent with their assigned duties;
  3.  Dress in a manner that communicates to students a pride in personal appearance;
  4.  Be groomed in such a way that does not disrupt the educational process nor cause a health or safety hazard;
  5.  Be allowed to wear religious attire in accordance with the employee’s sincerely-held beliefs, while maintaining religious neutrality and refraining from endorsing religion in the educational environment.

Staff are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal for violating the terms of this policy.

The superintendent may develop guidelines to implement this policy.

Legal Reference(s)

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