GBDA - Expression of Milk in the Workplace

Code: GBDA
Adopted: 1/23/08
Revised: 5/27/15; 7/13/22

When possible an employee must give reasonable notice of the intent to express milk to building administrator or supervisor. The district shall provide the employee a reasonable rest period to express milk each time the employee has a need to express milk. If feasible, the employee will take the rest period at the same time as the rest periods or meal periods provided by the district.

The district will make a reasonable effort to provide a location, other than a public restroom or toilet stall, in close proximity to the employee’s work area, where an employee can express milk in private, concealed from view and without intrusion by other employees or the public. “Close proximity” means within walking distance from the employee’s work area that does not appreciably shorten the rest or meal period. If a private location is not within close proximity to the employee’s work area, the district may not include the time taken to travel to and from the location as part of the break period.

The following locations have been identified in each facility for milk expression:

1. District office: Conference room;
2. Eastwood Elementary: Room 22
    Fir Grove Elementary: Room 7
    Fullerton IV Elementary: Room 7
    Green Elementary: Conference room
    Hucrest Elementary: Gym girls locker room
    Melrose Elementary: Room 14
    Rose Elementary: Small office behind the main office
    Sunnyslope Elementary: CDS office
    Winchester Elementary: Room 2
3. Fremont Middle School: Room in the girl’s locker room
    JoLane Middle School: Medicine Room;
4. Roseburg High School: Small room in the teen health center.

This policy and a list of designated locations will be published in the employee handbook.  The list of designated locations is available upon request in the central office of each school facility and in the district’s central office.

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