GBED - Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Code: GBED
Adopted: 8/13/97; 7/13/22

Offers of employment for certain positions shall be contingent upon successful passage of a district-required drug test. The district will require drug tests for safety-sensitive positions (e.g., bus drivers, heavy machinery operators) and positions in which the person is responsible for students’ safety and security.1 The district will designate when and where such testing will be conducted. The cost of the first drug test shall be paid by the district. A second drug, if necessary, test shall be paid by the candidate. The offer of employment will be withdrawn from candidates who test positive for drugs.

Information the district receives regarding medical examinations and drug testing will be collected and maintained on separate forms and in separate files apart from personnel files. All such records will be kept confidential, maintained for a minimum of one year and released only in accordance with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws.



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