GBN-AR - Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures

Code: GBN-AR
Adopted: 8/13/97

Complaint Procedure

An employee who is subject to, or knows of sexual harassment shall notify the building principal or the designated investigator.  The alternate investigator is the superintendent or designee.  The investigator may request that the complainant complete the Sexual Harassment Complaint Form and turn over any evidence of the sexual harassment.  Information received during the investigation shall be kept confidential to the extent possible.

The investigator, with the approval of the superintendent, has the authority to initiate a sexual harassment investigation in the absence of a written complaint.

Investigation Procedure

The investigator shall reasonably and promptly commence the investigation upon receipt of the complaint.  Parents of a student who is reported as the subject of sexual harassment shall be notified.  The investigator shall interview the complainant and the alleged harasser.  The alleged harasser may file a written statement refuting or explaining the behavior outlined in the complaint.  The investigator may also interview witnesses as deemed appropriate.

Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator shall report the findings of the investigation to the superintendent.

Resolution of the Complaint

The superintendent will complete the next step in the investigation reasonably and promptly upon receipt of the investigator’s report.  Following the investigators report, the superintendent may investigate further, if deemed necessary, and make a determination of the appropriate next step which may include discipline up to and including a recommendation for dismissal to the Board.

Prior to the determination of the appropriate remedial action, the superintendent may, at the superintendent’s discretion, interview the complainant and the alleged harasser.  The superintendent shall file a written report closing the case.  The complainant (including parents of the student when the student has been the subject of sexual harassment), the alleged harasser and the investigator shall receive notice as to the conclusion of the investigation.

Reporting Requirements

The superintendent shall report the name of any person holding a teaching license or participating in a practicum under OAR 584-15-070 or 584-16-1075 when, after appropriate investigation, there is reasonable cause to believe the person may have committed an act of sexual harassment.  Reports shall be made to the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission within 30 days of such a finding.  Sexual contact with a student shall also be considered a reportable offense.  In the event the superintendent is the subject of the investigation, reports, when required, shall be made by the Board chair or designee.