GCA - License Requirements

Code: GCA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 3/3/82; 8/13/97, 2/11/15
Original Codes: 5130, 5140

The Board in adhering to Oregon Revised Statutes, shall require all applicants to hold a valid Oregon license as a condition of employment. The District must be able to verify the current license of those offered employment before the board will consider approving their employment.  Applicants not presenting their license whose license cannot be verified prior to the beginning of school or the first day employment is to begin, will not be employed until such license is verified.

Applicants for positions with the district shall be required to submit the following:

  1.  District application form;
  2.  Official transcript of credits;
  3.  Verification of ability to obtain proper licensure.

Those offered employment in the district must present their original teaching license valid for the position appointed and verification of past teaching or administrative experience to the personnel office before the contract will be considered as binding.  In the absence of submitting an original teaching license, the district may accept such other documentation as may be permitted by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.  Employees hired under condition of temporary/emergency licensure shall be for the current school year and recommended for rehire in accordance with law.

The district requires licensed staff to submit copies of all license endorsements to the personnel office.  This verification includes all license endorsements.  It shall be each licensed staff member’s responsibility to keep all endorsements current.

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