GCBC/GDBC - Continuation Coverage Health Benefits

Adopted: 8/13/97

In keeping with federal and state legislation, the district will extend the benefit of “continuation coverage” health insurance to all employees eligible under the law.

Coverage under this policy shall be identical to that provided to all other members of the employees’ group plan.

Eligible employees must notify the district within a 60-day period from the date of retirement, termination, reduction in hours or reduction in force that the employee chooses to continue the district-sponsored health plan.  Premiums for continuation coverage will be paid by the employee.

Premiums for continuation coverage will normally be paid by the employee.  Payment may be no more than 102% of the actual cost of coverage for the first 18 months.  For certain employees eligible for coverage from 18 months up to 29 months, payment may be no more than 150% of the actual cost of the coverage.  The Board will designate the deadline for payment reaching the business office.

Former employees covered by continuation coverage are responsible for notifying the district when such coverage is no longer needed or if the necessity of moving to an individual plan occurs, whichever is sooner.

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