GCBDB/GDBDB - Early Return to Work

Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 7/17/13

Efforts will be made on a case by case basis to return ill or injured employees to work.  Returns will be within the requirements of the injury, the limitations of the law and the limitations of the district.

In the event an employee is not able to perform essential job functions completely after an illness or injury, the district will determine whether reasonable accommodations are appropriate that would provide temporary light duty assignment, restructuring of job to include modified work days, shift or part time work, hours of work or modifications in facilities, equipment, special aids and services.  Reasonable accommodations must not result in an undue hardship on the district.

If an employee cannot be reasonably accommodated in his/her current job, the district will review alternative assignments.  The employee, if qualified, will be offered an available vacant position with or without reasonable accommodations.  If no other assignment is possible, the district will provide unpaid leave if recovery is on-going and sick leave is exhausted.  Unpaid leave will be provided in accordance with State and Federal law.

The superintendent will develop procedures necessary to implement this policy.

Legal Reference(s)

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. Sections 12101-12213; 29 CFR Part 1630 (2000); 28 CFR Part 35 (2000).
Cross Reference(s)